Tikal Enterprises is a global company providing a wide selection of products and services from the people and countries of Central America. We are committed to fair business practices - with our Central American partners as well as our customers, worldwide - as we balance profits with a healthy planet and the success of all involved.

Founded in 2006 by Edmundo Ruiz Davila, MD, Tikal Enterprises, works directly with local businesses and national governments, providing growth to local economies through product exports, while promoting environmentally sustainable and ecologically sound principles and policies. Tikal Enterprises provides the links that connect the products and services in Central America to the businesses, markets and consumers worldwide. Tikal Enterprises businesses include the production and sales of high quality Guatemalan coffee under our Tikal Fine Coffee brand, the production, sales and distribution of exotic hardwoods from sustainable forests in Central America through our Tikal Building Products group and through our Tikal Industrial Materials group, development of paved roads in rural areas of Costa Rica and Guatemala, promoting trade and commerce to indigenous peoples on safe, year-round roads.

The vision of Tikal Enterprises is driven by Dr. Davila's desire to give local business and merchants of Central America the ongoing opportunities that allow them to create economic growth that leads to a reinvestment in infrastructure, education and medicine, lifting the quality of life in the region. By creating the markets worldwide for their products and services, Dr. Davila and Tikal Enterprises provide Central American families the opportunity to realize their dreams of self-sufficiency, while allowing their governments to become true partners in the worldwide economy.

Through the RuizDavila Trust, Tikal Enterprises also contributes five percent of its profits to the Global Village Project, a non-profit organization that works with indigenous people to build schools, medical facilities and roads as well as maintain historic sites in the local areas where Tikal Enterprises does business.

Tikal Enterprises is proud to be working with such a diverse community of businesses, governments and peoples to provide economic growth and preserve historical antiquities and sites. We look forward to an ongoing partnership of success for generations to come.